Miranda Johansson

Name: Miranda Anne Johansson

Date of Birth: June 10, 2016

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Place of Residence: Clayton

Family: Unknown apart from Michael J. Blakely (grandfather)

Education: Graduated top of her class from Bailey Creek Military Academy with qualifications in psychology.

Military: Served in the medical corps from 2032 – 2036

Bio: Born and raised in the town of Clayton, Johansson lost her parents in an accident when she was very young and subsequently grew up with her grandfather. She was accepted into the Bailey Creek Military Academy at age 6 and spent several years there.

In 2032, she was deployed to a small desert region – Clarana – to serve in the medical corps. The region was in the middle of a civil war at the time. 6 months in, in July of that year; a temporary ceasefire was called in the region and Johansson returned to the Bailey Creek Academy for some additional qualifications.

Returning to the Clarana region in late January 2033, as the ceasefire ended, Johansson served two years before the war’s end in December 2035.


Personality-wise, Miranda is known for being quite a charmer. She’s very good at reading people and has a good sense of what’s going on around her.

In terms of her abilities, Johansson is an excellent shot and has a good hand-to-hand skill set.

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