James Roberts

Name: James Michael Roberts

Age: 17 (?)

Alias: (?)

Nationality: Unknown

Hometown: Coventry

Occupation: Mercenary

Parents: Unnamed (deceased)


  • Marko: Adoptive Father/Mentor
  • Miranda Johansson: Friend, romantic interest and partner
  • Sparrow: Armorer and friend

First Appearance: The Blade Dancer

Role: Protagonist

Bio: James Roberts was born in the town of Coventry and spent much of his childhood at home. At the age of eleven, he discovered the bodies of his parents and an intruder in his house. He fought the man and scored a few hits before being knocked out. 

Roberts was adopted and mentored by this swordsman. He learned to fight, became familiar with certain poisons and became a decent shot (firearms, archery, etc.)

He’s an expert swordsman and has a reputation for being one of the best (and most expensive) mercenaries around.


Personality-wise, James is somewhat introverted and doesn’t really say much; preferring instead to just ‘act’ to solve a problem. He doesn’t like wearing his heart on his sleeve – so to speak; preferring to keep his emotions hidden.

He’s known (among some circles) for being very efficient and getting into and out of places without being noticed.

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