Teaser anyone?

Hey all, so with release day almost literally right around the corner, I thought I’d share this little teaser excerpt.

An explosion down the street made the window where Jason stood rattle in its casing, while the light from the resulting fire lit the whole of the night sky in an eerie orange light. David and Shane both dove for cover as a second explosion shook the house. Jason ducked out of the sight of potential threats from the street, cursing as he did so.

Lillian grabbed her rifle and looked at Jason questioningly, when he nodded she took off, heading downstairs again.

“Shane, go to the back door, stay low, don’t let anyone or anything see you.” Jason instructed.

“Anything?” David queried.

Jason turned to him and nodded, “There’s something out there, I don’t know what yet, but let’s treat it as an enemy for now.”

– The Feral

Available on Amazon from 31 August 2016

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